Friday, April 23, 2010


Growing up, going to Disneyland was something people did, not something we did, but people did do it. So at 27 yrs old I experienced Disneyland for the first time! For us, we enjoyed the shows and plays, more than the rides. There's something about waiting 20min in a line, for a 2-3 min bumper car ride that just doesn't seem right?! I think in a couple of years when Blake gets a little taller and we're able to enjoy the rides we want to go on, it will be a little easier to wait in those long lines:). Don't get me wrong, we still had a great time! I have about 350 pics to chose from, so here are a few of the favorites.

We splurged and took the kids to Ariel's Grotto for dinner one day, by far the best memory we made that trip! It was so cute to see Bailey go bananas when a princess would come out! A memory I/we will have for life! A couple of things in these pics A: Bailey isn't looking at me in any of them! She was too busy making sure everyone else in the room knew she was getting her pic taken with the princess, that she forgot to look at me, no matter how many times I reminded her, "Bailey look at me and say cheese! B: Blake is absent in all but one pic taken at Ariel's Grotto. Blake wanted nothing to do the princesses ... except for one ... Sleeping Beauty! He even sought shelter under the table when Snow White entered the room. However when Sleeping Beauty came in, he was all about it! Jumped up and said "I want take picture with her!" Can't knock the little guy for knowing what he wants!

We were also able to sneak in an Angels game, also another highlight!

Our trip south

We took a trip south, destination: Disneyland!! We split our 10hr car ride and stayed a couple nights in St George, Ut. While there, we went hiking, played at the park, and rested up for the last leg or road trip. Here are some of the pictures of that portion of the trip.
This place was amazing! Ancient petroglyphs just hanging out on rocks everywhere. It was fun making up our own interpretation of what was written thousands of years ago!

This massive boulder was just perched on a tiny pile of rocks. It baffles my mind that it was so stable and unmovable, truly breathtaking! I told Bailey to go hold up that rock or it was going to fall over. I just love the innocent mind of this little 4 year old :)

I love St. George!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter at Thanksgiving Pointe

We went with Jackson and Bella to Thanksgiving Pointe for some Easter festivities. To say it was cold that morning is a major understatement! We were frozen, I think I recall seeing that Jackson's little hands were purple. It took hours in a house with the heater cranked way up and hot baths to finally warm up. Despite the weather, we still had a blast. Thanks Mylene!

Summer stroll

The weather had been nice recently, so I figured it was a good day to take the kids for a bike ride up Provo Canyon.
The walk started off nice, then a couple minutes up the trail, this is what we ran into! I was quickly reminded we are only weeks into spring. We didn't let it stop us. We parked the bikes and walked the rest of the way.

Here are some of the pictures I got!

St Patricks Day

We spent St. Patty's day trying to catch a leprechaun. We had our trap set, bait (lucky charms), and a plan of action. We had to run some errands and when we returned, much to our (their) surprise, the trap had been set off. Unfortunately that sneaky little guy got away, but left some gold behind. Maybe we'll have better luck next year! :)
This is our Trap
These are the faces I got when they saw the trap had been set off! They were a little nervous!

I love that the kids are starting to enjoy these things. This is such a fun age, I wish I could just push pause on this phase of life.


This year for Christmas we got a special visit from Santa. He was giving the Reindeer a break in the field and decided to pay us a little visit. It was actually our good friend, I wasn't sure he was going to pull one over on our kids, just because our kids adore him, I thought they'd see right thru the costume and catch on to him. Much to my surprise the kids had no clue! As soon as he left the kids ran upstairs and climbed in bed eagerly awaiting Christmas morning. Here is proof that "Santa" was in our living room Christmas Eve.

Let's try this again!

So I've clearly neglected my blog, I just get caught up in the day to day that I forget to take pictures, then let along blog about them. I've vowed to be more consistent with my blogging, so here is my attempt! :) Last I posted was Santa pictures, here's what we've been up to since.

I took the kids ice skating for Bailey's birthday. It was fun! It took them a while but they finally caught on!

Although they spent more time on their bums than on their feet, they still managed to smile and laugh thru it! Good sports!